Shower Glass & Doors in Mississauga

Along with the kitchen, bathrooms are at the centre of many remodelling projects. New fixtures and tile can do wonders to a master bathroom’s appearance, so too can changes to the shower. Castle Glass provides shower doors in Mississauga, creating custom all glass frameless shower enclosures to fit a wide array of design projects. While shower curtains are often susceptible to mould growth and become a hassle to clean, shower doors limit the areas where water can collect and mould can grow in your shower. Try frameless shower doors. Without any door seals for water to build up under, you significantly reduce the possibility of mould forming.

An Easier Clean – Why Choose Shower Glass Instead of Curtains?

Shower glass in Mississauga bathrooms also makes cleaning a breeze. Instead of pulling down those shower curtains to try and clean, shower glass can just be wiped down and you’re done. Unlike tile, shower glass does not need to be scrubbed. A quick once over with a squeegee will leave your shower glass looking spotless. If you’re looking to save time on your bathroom cleaning while also upgrading its design for a more modern style, contact Castle Glass for more information on shower glass. We can provide beautiful custom all glass frameless shower enclosures for professional installation at a competitive price.

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