Screens & Window Screens in Mississauga

Find screens in Mississauga to complement your new glass windows and doors. Castle Glass carries a wide selection of window, storm and pet screens as well as offers repair and re-mesh work and replacement of screens. Storm screens can fit a variety of door styles, complementing your exterior décor. Want to enjoy a nice breeze through your windows, but fear your pet’s safety when near the open window? Pet screens offer great protection for both animals and young children. Pet screens are stronger than normal screens and are resistant to clawing and biting. If you’re interested in knowing more about the screens available from Castle Glass, just visit our showroom to see our screens on display.

Benefits of Window Screens in Mississauga

Why install window screens? Mississauga residents can reap many benefits from window screen installation. Window screens, for example, offer protection from insects, animals and outdoor debris. When you want to allow a cool breeze into your home without having to worry about what might slip in through the open window, a screen can provide that peace of mind. Screens can also allow less water in during downpours and help protect against potential water damage. Lastly, dense window screens can help reduce sunlight and heat gain, minimizing the energy needed to cool your home and keep you from replacing furnishings or carpets that have been bleached by the sunlight.

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