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Commercial and Residential Door Repair and Replacement Services in the GTA

Castle GLD has skilled door experts to provide you with the most cost-effective door repair and replacement services across the GTA. Whether you want to repair old and rusted frames, replace fire-rated doors, or install new closet doors, we will be there to assist you through the process. We repair and replace many commercial and residential doors and frames. We have replacement backups for all kinds of doors and frames, including wood, steel, and aluminum glass. Our wide range of doors includes:


Highly Recommended

“New owners at this place

Great people that will help you with any issues

Fast and affordable service!

Highly recommend for all locks, doors and glass”

- Lior N.

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Wood Doors

Fire-rated / non-fire rated doors

Stain grade entrance / suite doors

Interior suite doors

Hollow doors

Specialty Doors

Aluminum doors

All glass doors

Shower doors

Storm doors

Closet doors

Patio sliding doors

Screen doors

Metal doors

Steel insulated doors

We provide all kinds of repair and replacement for commercial and residential clients. You can call us in case of an emergency too. Take a look at the emergency, residential and commercial services we offer:


Door break-ins (24x7)

Kicked-in door frames



Fire damage


Rotten / cracked wood frame

Broken jamb

Door hinges

Sliding & patio








We also specialize in high-rise residential suite modifications, and we are frequently appointed to repair or replace suite doors, frames, and hardware. To ensure that your project is finished properly, we collaborate with local merchants to get the greatest pricing and high-quality materials. We always have in-house stock doors in case of emergency replacements.


Heavy patio doors tend to break down and become difficult to open with time. We can replace sliding door wheels and handles and suggest other adjustments to ensure that the doors perform properly. If required, we may even supply you with an estimate for the installation of a completely new system designed to your specifications.

Commerical Door

High-quality Door Repairs

Whatever door repairs you require, we will get your doors back in working order.

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